You might be curious about what our “spt stands for! 

Well, “spt” stands for “SMALL PARTICLE TECHNOLOGY”, a novel, proprietary technology that involves several steps and leads to dramatic improvements in plant nutrient uptake and assimilation efficiencies.

Step-1: Proper Sizing

Our manufacturing equipment utilizes advanced “Shearing Technology” which reduces the size of different nutrients into very small particles measured on the Nano scale.  This sizing takes into consideration the actual size of plants’ root hairs, root pores, and leaf stomata and sizes the nutrients correctly for immediate entry and availability.  Hence, Small Particle Technology enables an extremely effective way to get nutrients into the plant.


Step-2: Protection, Complexation, and Homogenization

Utilizing advanced “Carbon Complexing Technology”, nutrients are protected from tie-up in the soil and/or the plant leaf by forming neutral electrically charged particles.  This technology prevents the applied fertilizer from forming other, non-plant available compounds.  Finally, the liquid fertilizer is homogenized to form a completely homogenous liquid blend so that every drop contains the identical formulation.


Step-3: Advanced Natural Chelation

Our proprietary formulation of “Natural Chelates” consisting of 18 Amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, derived from our exclusive “Vegetable Protein Hydrolysate”, enables metallic micronutrient ions to move quickly into the plant, resulting in the prevention and/or correction of micronutrient deficiencies. Unlike other manufacturers’ use of inexpensive synthetic chelates, which require plants to expend precious energy to expel the synthetic chelates through the roots and into the soil, all advanced natural chelates that we use have plant metabolic functions.  Our natural chelates attach to micronutrient metallic ions to form neutral electrically charged particles.  This allows the chelated nutrients to move readily into the root tissue, and/or above-ground plant parts via foliar application.


Phosphorus was irradiated and added to the soil
70 pounds of 11-52-0 on the left and the equivalent of 2 quarts per
acre of  SPT Root EDG+ on the right. The efficiency of uptake on the SPT
side, uptake was immediate and in less than 5 hours the plant had
assimilated the soil phosphorus throughout the entire plant.


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