In order to increase efficiency and to alleviate human error, Wedgworth’s has incorporated automation and computerized accuracy into every aspect of operations.

Using laptops and other technology, Wedgworth’s technical sales staff can work with the customer in the field and discuss both their economic and agronomic goals to come up with a fertilizer blend specific to their crop’s needs.

Once that blend is agreed upon and placed in Wedgworth’s computer system by the salesman, the customer service team can bring in that blend as an order.  Customer service does not have to re-input the formula, avoiding mistakes.  Once that order is placed for shipment, the plant automation system takes over weighing each material into the custom blend with computerized accuracy, again, alleviating human error.

If the order is for bulk fertilizer each hopper is weighed as loaded and switched by computer once the desired tons per hopper is achieved.

If the order is for fifty-pound bags, the custom blend is sent to the bag house where the automated form fill and seal bagger makes the bag, fills the bag and seals the bag.  Then the bag is labeled and stacked on pallets by a robotic stacker.  The bagging system is a two-man operation.

Wedgworth’s strives to be ahead of the technology curve by utilizing new innovations to increase plant production, increase trailer use efficiency, and give the customer the best service possible.