When the Wedgworths were establishing themselves as an integral part of the Florida farming community, they also became responsible for many of the innovations that are still used today. From the time that Herman Wedgworth was blending his first batches of fertilizer with nothing more than his agronomist knowledge and a shovel, the Wedgworth name has become synonymous with smart farming.

Whether developing blends of micro-nutrients to supplement the rich black muck soils that the Glades are famous for or producing more complex custom blends to enhance sandy soil ridges, Wedgworth’s Inc. has the mix of products and ability to meet any customer’s needs. Application of materials using state-of-the-art machinery, like the Air Max Spreader, increases productivity and increases the efficiency on the farm. The Wedgworth family businesses have been at the forefront of developing and implementing cutting edge science and technology that leads to agronomic success.

Wedgworth’s Inc. ability to custom blend agricultural products allows farmers to operate in a more environmentally friendly way. By adding just the right amount of nutrients right at the plant’s root zone prevents nutrient runoff in drainage ditches and saves the farmer money. Smart fertilizer application is not only good for the environment, but it’s also good for business.

Air Max Spreader

Wedgworth’s Inc. utilizes the Air Max Spreader to evenly apply custom blended fertilizer with computerized accuracy. Whether soil conditions call for a minimal application of 100 pounds per acre or a robust application of up to 1,200 pounds per acre, the Air Max has the ability to meet these needs. The 60-foot boom triple overlaps product, providing for precise application of fertilizer across a field.

Because of the Air Max Spreader’s accuracy it has earned recognition by the South Florida Water Management District, the 16-county agency tasked with regulatory authority over storm water management, as a Best Management Practice (BMP) for source control nutrient reductions. The accurate placement of nutrients in furrows and away from drainage ditches is the preferred methodology for application to meet stringent water quality standards. The even distribution of nutrients also lessens the possibility of fertilizer leaching out of the soil and into the water system.

High Dump Trailers

Wedgworth’s Inc. fleet of 175 high dump trailers has user-friendly hydraulically operated pouring lids. This feature benefits application equipment operators by reducing risk of potential accidents. Operators are able to stay on the ground and control the flow of fertilizer coming out of the trailer thus virtually eliminating spillage, reducing waste and saving time and money. This helps the farmer be a good steward over natural resources as well as their inventory of fertilizer. This user-friendly design allows for more productive time in applications and less time loading or removing spilled products. The longer lid design on these trailers loads the custom blended fertilizer products into the center of the spreader allowing the operator to stay further from the trailer. This feature reduces risks of potential damage to equipment while loading

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