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Air Max Spreader

Wedgworth’s Inc. utilizes the Air Max Spreader to evenly apply custom blended fertilizer with computerized accuracy. Whether soil conditions call for a minimal application of 100 pounds per acre or a robust application of up to 1,200 pounds per acre, the Air Max has the ability to meet these needs. The 60-foot boom triple overlaps product, providing for precise application of fertilizer across a field.

Because of the Air Max Spreader’s accuracy it has earned recognition by the South Florida Water Management District, the 16-county agency tasked with regulatory authority over storm water management, as a Best Management Practice (BMP) for source control nutrient reductions. The accurate placement of nutrients in furrows and away from drainage ditches is the preferred methodology for application to meet stringent water quality standards. The even distribution of nutrients also lessens the possibility of fertilizer leaching out of the soil and into the water system.