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Technology that Unlocks Plant Potential

At Wedgworth’s, we are dedicated to helping our customers grow stronger and healthier plants using innovative nutrient efficiency technology.

To help synergize the nutrient uptake process and bring balance to a plant’s metabolic system, we offer advanced technologies that optimizes how and when nutrients are delivered as well as how plants respond to them.

Our Proprietary Technology

Pushing your plant nutrition investment further, our lineup of next-generation nutritional technologies helps ensure maximum efficiency and fast-performing plant metabolic processes that improve ROI and overall plant wellness.
TRN Time Release Technology™
TRN Time Release Technology™
TRN Time Release Technology™
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TRN™ Time-Released Nutrient Technology helps optimize nutrient levels throughout a plant’s entire growth cycle – achieving maximum results with minimal effort.

By regulating the timing of nutrient release, TRN delivers targeted performance that limits exposure to deficiencies resulting in uniform growth and season-long health, while also saving you time and money.

TRN provides different technology options – each with its own unique characteristics and valued advantages.

By tailoring fertilizer programs that incorporate TRN, you can optimize nutrient efficiency and minimize nitrogen loss.

Controlled Release


Stabilized Nitrogen

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SPT® Small Particle Technology is the most efficient nutrient delivery system on the market today.

Proven to maximize fertilizer efficiency, products built with SPT deliver more nutrients per pound of applied material compared to conventional fertilizers. SPT also reduces expenses in inputs, labor, storage, maintenance, and logistics.

Proprietary Formulation

Advanced chelation, carbon complexing, and a patented blend of amino acids, macros and micros are blended into a homogeneous, stable mixture where every drop contains the identical formulation.

Nano-Scale Particle Sizing

Advanced homogenization process used to convert nutrient material into nano-size particles for immediate uptake by roots and for easier entry through leaves.

Nano Encapsulation

Individual nutrients are protected with a carbon amino acid shell that prevents nutrient tie-up with charged ions in the soil or on the plant – allowing nutrients to reach the plant without issues.

Oxygen-Infused Nanobubbling

Nanobubble gases are added to fertilizer and soil amendments to improve physical properties and oxygen levels, resulting in heightened efficiency per application.

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Sistema™ biostimulant technology contains the industry’s most advanced plant health components.

Working at a cellular level, Sistema triggers biological and chemical reactions in both plants and soil while stimulating the production of naturally-occurring plant hormones. Compatible for use across all types of fertilizer blends, Sistema activates pathways to enhance nutrient use efficiency, increase tolerance to abiotic stress, ignite root growth, and maximize energy production.

How Sistema™ Works

Sistema is a proprietary blend of natural biostimulant components and plant hormones known to enhance plant health.

Sistema works with the plant’s own natural physiology to promote cell division, encourage root and shoot development, and build a strong defense system against environmental stressors.

Sistema complements Wedgworth’s complete range of high-quality and innovative crop nutrition solutions.

Sistema also works in synergy to improve plant-rhizosphere Interaction that promote nutrient uptake which can ultimately reduce fertilizer inputs.

Where to use Sistema:

Citrus, fruits, ornamentals, pastures, row crops, sod, tree nuts, turf, and vegetables

Advance Plant Nutrition Made-to-Order

Using proprietary technologies, Wedgworth’s manufactures a wide range of plant nutrition and specialty products that helps plants reach their full genetic potential. From foliar nutrients to nutrient efficiency enhancers, we have the technology you need to push quality and performance to a whole new level.

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Superior Quality

With a powerful and rapidly growing portfolio, Wedgworth’s utilizes advanced science to deliver best-in-class technology and products. Proven to perform, Wedgworth’s offerings help maximize plant performance with better return on investment.

Tested Performance

Wedgworth’s products are evaluated and field tested to ensure superior performance and efficacy for optimal crop use and application. This includes testing for localized conditions and diversified farming practices.

Forward Thinking

Research and development is a top priority at Wedgworth’s. Our agronomy team is always working on visionary solutions. With world-class intelligence in both plant nutrition and formulations, Wedgworth’s pipeline proves that innovation is endless.

Customer Focused

Our customers’ success truly matters. We listen and work together to create innovative and competitive solutions. The level of quality we deliver in both our products and our relationships is the hallmark of the Wedgworth’s brand.